Lennon Faris



In my universe, Red heard about the scary Wolf, and decided to say hi anyway, and realized that the Wolf understood her better than anyone. From then on, she made it her goal to set the story straight. 

That about sums up my bio. 


What's In A Name?​

The name 'Lennon Faris' is a pen name I chose because of its colors. Yes, colors! For each letter of the alphabet, my brain shows a different hue of the rainbow. Reading a written word is like looking at a painting. 

Once, in grad school, I  was studying anatomy with a group and pointed out how the colors of the words could help us remember things through association.  ("Spleen" is predominantly red, so it's intuitive that it's the organ which houses many red blood cells.)

Er... The silence and ensuing (incredulous) conversation was how I discovered that not everyone sees this stuff. (It's funny how much you assume you're the norm). My friends thought I was losing it (I was a little nervous myself) until we looked it up and discovered it's a real thing called synesthesia.    

'Lennon Faris' is a painting I am fond of. It has sunset rose, strawberry red, night-sky black, twilight lavender, hilltop green, and sunrise yellow. Every time I read it, that is what I see. Plus, a tiny tribute to my love of music (John Lennon, here's to you) seems appropriate. 

Reader, thank you for reading!