Lennon Faris


​​​​​​When I was a kid, someone read me this book.*  

In the story, a little girl's grandfather tells her to make the world a more beautiful place.   The girl grows up and, after traveling all over the world, remembers her grandfather's words.  She scatters lupine flower seeds across the countryside.  The next spring, beautiful lupines bloom everywhere.  

Writing this up, I realize it's literally been decades since I had that book read to me.  I still remember the name of the flower, the image of the woman on her bicycle, scattering the seeds.  I still remember loving the story and the beautiful pictures. 

I was mulling over what to write for my bio.  Then, I thought of this book because of two things: one, I love that the little girl kept her beloved grandfather close to her (even after he had presumably passed) by carrying on something he held dear.  I have a handful of personal heroes in this life and I hope I can 'carry' them on by being a little more awesome.  

And two, I want to make the world a more beautiful place.  Maybe through writing, painting, teaching, medicine, or just being kind -hopefully all.  Either way, I'm working to leave this spinning rock a cooler place than when I got here.  

*Just googled the book.  It's MISS RUMPHIUS by Barbara Cooney.  Can't believe I've never done that before now.