Here are a few links I've found helpful in the whole writing process. It's not by any means a comprehensive list!         


Writing Links​

Lennon Faris

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 - Agent Janet Reid's blog -daily blog on the writing world; informative & funny with a great group of commenters. Colin Smith (a regular commenter) amassed a few of the 'gems' into a Treasure Chest.

- QueryShark -250+ query critiques by Agent Janet Reid, hilarious & helpful & slightly terrifying.

- Agent Jessica Faust's blog - "informational, accessible, & fun" blog on writing & publishing. Jessica Faust and agent James McGowan have many video segments as well. First three words in quotes only because it's their words, not because it's not true.

​- Goodreads  - I love reading the long, impassioned reviews.

​- Nathan Bransford's blog - editor and former literary agent Nathan Bransford with many helpful articles.